Do you want to Reboot your lifestyle and get back to being 'you'?

Reboot your energy, shape up and lose weight with meal plans, group support, award winning nutrition products, cash prizes and more... 



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I feel amazing not just with the weight loss (although I am thrilled with that) but my skin feels great (the water I think) and mentally feel more positive

I really didn't realise I have done hundreds of diets but the reboot is the only one I have actually felt amazing on. I honestly didn't think it would work for me but it really has.

- Caroline, May Reboot Member

"Absolutely loving being part of the Reboot. There’s loads of great recipes to follow and fantastic support from the coaches and fellow members. I’ve had great results and can’t wait for the next one".

 - Paul, March Reboot Member

"The recipes have helped me. I'm not a natural chef so having easy to follow meals that taste great makes it easier for me. The group has been great too, seeing that we are all doing the same thing is reassuring so you always know you are on the right path".

 - Jayne, January Reboot Member


With regards to the 30 Day Reboot!!!!  

I went to Morrisons today, bent down, as I came up my jeans fell down! No one warned me about this..

- Richard (true story)

We get real results, even in 30 days*. Have a look at these Reboot participants and then scroll down to join them...

* All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest (all of which are covered in the Reboot guidance). Individual results will vary.

Win a share of the Reboot Prize Fund!* 50% to the winner, 30% to 2nd place and 20% to 3rd place.

Every Reboot participant pays £5 entry, which increases the jackpot. (Photo submission for judging is optional. Judging is based on best visible result).

* Prize total will vary according to the number of participants in each quater that the Reboot runs.

It's so easy to get started...

Step 1 

REGISTER for emails All of the information you need to get started will be emailed to you.

Step 2 

ORDER Order your Herbalife Nutrition products. (Minimum purchase = 1 x F1 Shake, shown below)

Step 3 

JOIN the support group You will be invited to join the secret Reboot Facebook support page + you will be sent shopping lists in advance to prepare!


Reboot Support

Studies show that community support plays an important role in successful behaviour change.

The Reboot runs in a secret Facebook group where people share their meals, workouts, questions, and comments.  

We have a delicious selection of recipes and Reboot participants do a great job of keeping each other motivated and on-track!  

There is a team of experienced coaches on hand (almost 24/7) to answer any questions and queries and to help you stay motivated!

"This group has been amazing. Seeing all the posts and positivity from the other members has really kept me going. I’ve got so much more energy now as well."  

- Donna, January Reboot Member

"People posting meals and advice I have received back has given me motivation. During the day I find it easier but its generally evenings and weekends I was usually stumped but with these delicious meals and with preparation I've stayed focused.  

- Tina, January Reboot Member

Herbalife Nutrition Products

'The Shake' - Provides all the nutrients your body needs in a healthy meal, and is a quick and cost effective way of replacing 2 of your 5 small meals per day, as part of the Reboot 'no-hunger' eating plan. 

Available in 8 delicious flavours (including 3 vegan options) it is the number 1 meal-replacement in the world* - we love our shakes! 

The minimum purchase for entry into the Reboot is one can of Formula 1 shake.

* Herbalife Nutrition is the #1 brand in the world in meal replacement and protein supplements combined


I find it so easy in the morning - trying to get three children fed and ready for school.. I don’t have to think about what to eat just whip up a shake & I’m good to go! One less thing to think about in a busy household -that and my shrinking waistline!.  

 - Katy, January Reboot Member